Photo Credit: Kyle McBernie
Smooth Hammerhead Shark Off the Coast of San Diego Photo Credit: Kyle McBurnie


Ocean Sanctuaries has been selected to showcase  BSCS’ latest tool for Citizen Science investigationFieldscope: for logging encounters with the ‘Sharks of  California.’

BSCS is a national center for science education research and development that has been committed to bringing authentic inquiry to science learners throughout its nearly 60 year history.

–Already consider yourself a veteran of logging Sevengill shark encounters?

Would  you like a chance to log encounters with *other* species of shark.

Now you have the chance with BSCS‘s latest citizen science tool called: Fieldscope.

You can log sightings and photos of Leopard sharks, Horn sharks, Angel sharks, Tope sharks as well as pelagic species such as Blue, Mako, Great White and Thresher–surprise us!

Go here:

Create a User Account and PW and click on Enter Data to begin. A pop-up video tutorial will walk you through the process.

Note: under Field Station ID, simply click the area on the map which corresponds to where you saw the shark and don’t forget to save the Station ID for future reference. Also: to ensure correct species identification,  a photograph will be required. 


See here for more information:

 ‘The Sharks of California’  Fieldscope App is now available for Androids on Google Play:


Also, this may seem like common sense, but please: always put your safety first around sharks–remember, they are wild animals. Never try to feed or harass them. We want you to have fun, but be safe as well!


A great video by Kyle McBurnie of SD Expeditions/Ocean Sanctuaries of a Mako and Hammerhead swimming together, taken somewhere off the coast of San Diego.